A Sweet Life

Living a Sweet Life
When you rise in the morning,
form a resolution to make the day
a happy one for a fellow creature
—Sydney Smith

We choose how we begin and end our day so why not do it with something beneficial? Living a Sweet Life is the art of baking simply and sharing it with those we love.

Blueberry, raspberry, chocolate, banana (with or without nuts), blackberry, strawberry, or even cherry muffins are a few minutes to stir and bake with the Vanilla or Chocolate Variations line. Keep the Variations mix in your kitchen for all seasons and simple creations.

Making people feel cared for is the greatest power we have. Listening to someone having a bad day, smiling at a stranger or having fresh baked brownies ready to go are the kind of small things we can do to make this a more positive world.

A little friendliness and caring from you will make life easier for everyone you meet. Doing this will change your life.

Living a Sweet life — baking simply — and sharing with many is a life well lived.

True Greatness consists in being great in little things:

  • Send a bag of brownies to the person that hugs your kids
  • Say “thanks” to your post master — leave a bag of Melting Mint Chocolate Brownies
  • Keep a bag of Double Dutch brownie mix in your desk for that almost forgotten Birthday gift.
  • Send your in-laws a bag of Variations Baking Mix. They will feel special and grateful.
  • No-worry Holiday Shopping. The website ordering will take care of all your shipping and Holiday greetings.
  • Your neighbor that does so much when you are gone…create a Brownie basket and say ‘thanks’
  • Teacher Gifts!
  • Bake sales and funerals are easy now with the Chocolate and Vanilla Variations Baking Mixes
  • Bake a little something for the little people in your life. Let them put the berries in the mix to create a sweet moment
  • Bake a pan of brownies and deliver it to family in crisis
  • Share your baked treasures with the office. They will be impressed by the delicious muffins baked before 8.

A peaceful home acts as a haven — a place for you to unwind and nourish yourself.

Enjoy your Sweet Life with abiteofthesweetlife.com